Saturday, October 11, 2014


Bryan only has TWO MORE NIGHTS of sleep in the orphanage!!!



Since we are "in the future" it is now Saturday evening case you are wondering - Saturday was a GREAT day - you will enjoy it!

Heading out of our hotel in Hong Kong to take a cab to the train station.
(We walked through the airport so got to use an airport cart)

Think we can find a cab?!

This was the note the hotel gal wrote for me to give the cab driver so he would know to take us to the train station.
(We took a red cab as opposed to a green or blue)

Driving through Hong Kong. It was a sunny but hazy day. It is quite a neat city - busy, full of trees/hills, and lots of beautiful water.

A shop at the train station had desserts similar to Bryan's birthday cake so we had to take a picture!

We had a nice two hour train ride to Guangzhou. (And there was ONLY one step onto the train!). We did manage to go up and down FOUR escalators today with all our luggage!! I really enjoyed showing Rhiana the sights between the cities.

Our guide is FABULOUS! She MET us at the train station (and knew how to spell my name - long story!). She then took us to get supplies at the local Trust Mart (similar to Walmart). We then checked into our hotel. She took us to exchange the money we will need for our paperwork next week at the bank. She also gave us a walking tour of the area surrounding our hotel. There are LOTS of shops and restaurants - much different than our last China trip.

Our hotel room is even NICER than our last trip!
(King size bed - looks big enough for the three of us!)

TV across from the bed - 99% Chinese stations. Desk in the far left corner. Dresser in the far right corner.

Closet with LOTS of shelves and a safe!

To the right of the door when you walk in the room. 

PERFECT for our snacks and bottled water - since you can't even brush your teeth with the tap water!

The bathroom

I am hoping Bryan Jinhua likes baths as much a Darren did!

We feel INCREDIBLY blessed!! 

It has been a couple of fairly stressful days of traveling - but ALL worth it for our boy!

PLEASE pray for his transition into our family!

 and for Rhiana and I as we live big city life for another week and a half - I am definitely NOT a big city girl in case you were wondering :)

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Yay! You're there!!! So glad you made it and are settling in. So crazy that this time is finally here when you will meet Bryan... just a couple more sleeps.