Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yesterday we encountered our first squatty potty of the trip at the train station!

Enough said :)

We also celebrated our Guangzhou arrival with.....PIZZA!

I definitely need to track down that Chicken Fried Rice we had during our last trip - but tonight Rhiana choose pizza!

Today we met up with another adoptive family and ventured over to Shamian Island. It was a warm and sunny day - and the island was beautiful!

The island

Our new friends the Browns - also adopting a little boy from the Guangdong Province

Some mom and Rhiana pictures!

One of the many statues and my travel buddy Rhiana

LOTS of chops!

Getting a chop made for Bryan

It is such a beautiful island!

We ate lunch at Lucy's! It is an American style restaurant that a lot of adopting families visit.

You gotta love a Chinese hat picture (and no we didn't buy the hat!)

There were LOTS of brides and models getting their pictures taken on the island today.

Shamian Island

Most of the overpasses are covered with flowers. The city is VERY green - not at all what you would expect.

Another neat statue - this one with a dog!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Are you staying at the Victory? I'm enjoying your travels :) Was DTC last week!