Sunday, October 19, 2014


Today our tour was a visit to the Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park

My touring companions!
(We also went with another adoptive family)

We first went on a Safari "Train"....which was actually more of an open air bus.

You can see another "train" in this picture. Cars are also allowed to drive through the Safari.

To be honest the animals were not all that impressive - I have been to the zoo many times. The difference was there were TONS of each animal!

The really FUN part of this zoo was feeding the animals.

We fed the giraffes

Rhiana taking a turn.

Jin Hua Bryan not quite so sure of those giraffes behind us!

The koalas were adorable...and very sleepy - and there were maybe FIFTEEN of them!!

The other really neat exhibit was the PANDAS!!

Most of them were just sleeping the afternoon away....but this one was munching on bamboo!

It didn't even look REAL! It really looked like someone dressed up in a panda suit!

I think they said this panda was a little over a year old.

It was really active and fun to watch!

Apparently pandas are active about ten minutes a day. We were lucky enough to catch this one climbing and playing around - SUPER neat to watch!

I still LOVE those signs in China!

We also fed the Koi fish

They were REALLY active when fed - jumping, splashing, and had REALLY huge mouths!

It is hard to see in this picture, but the last animals we fed were the Baboons. They were really cute - wading in the water to get the food. We saw them nursing their babies, pushing each other in the water, and again there were SO many baboons!

 We ended the day with a noodle dinner (same place and dish as last night!) with other adoptive families. It is tasty and feeds all three of us for only $6!

I can't even begin to describe to you the PEACE that God has given me during this trip to China. 

**PEACE that my kids back home will be okay with me gone - they have Daddy and Jamma to love on them!

**PEACE to just enjoy China and to savor the experience!

**PEACE just to "be" and not to worry - that God has got this!

**PEACE about Jin Hua Bryan walking and his language delays!

I don't know how single parents do it! When Erik walks in the door at 6pm I am relieved. Some days I need a physical break, but more often I just need a mental break. Just knowing when the kids "mom, mom, mom!" someone else can answer their calls/demands. I need to "check out" and be "off the clock" just for a few minutes - to refresh.

The intense parenting that comes with a newly adopted child can be EXHAUSTING - both physically AND mentally!



A dear adoptive mom friend mentioned that she had been praying *specifically* for endurance for me during this time in China!! And friends - God has heard her prayers AND given me that endurance!!!

Jin Hua Bryan
His name will be Bryan Jinhua we are just slowly transitioning since for four years he has been called Jin Hua. 

We knew he couldn't walk independently - but wondered how that would look in person AND still wonder how that will look at home, at church, at the park, at the beach.....

What it looks like this week:
*He prefers to walk and not crawl
*He holds the edge of something (bed, table, shelf) and will walk
*As the week has progressed he seems to be taking more independent steps between things. He will walk along the bed - take a step or two - then walk along the chair etc.
*He falls frequently - but it doesn't seem to phase him
*He can do the splits easily
*His hips seem overly flexible
*He doesn't have enough control over his feet/legs to slide them into or out of the stroller or his sandals
*He walks on the outside of his left foot and the inside of his right foot
*He is very determined and doesn't seem to realize he had physical limitations

We knew Jin Hua Bryan had some language delay and prayed it wasn't more than your typical orphanage delay.

Our guide has been *great* in helping us evaluate his language.
 She says:
He can understand everything that she says to him.
He can answer he back appropriately.
He does speak a dialect of Mandarin (apparently due to his nanny) and that makes it a little harder to communicate with him.
He seems to be a smart little boy and she isn't concerned (based on her past experience) that he will catch up.

We have noticed that he is curious and tries to figure out how things work. He seems like a smart little boy to both Rhiana and I. He tends not to play with toys - but with the phone, the suitcase, the water bottles, the stroller, the drawers, the lights, and the tv remote. He also loves taking a bath!

Jin Hua Bryan is a silly, happy little boy - who wakes up everyday with a smile on his face!!

We are BLESSED!!

Blessings from China! Sandy

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