Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Transition

If you asked me how Bryan Jinhua's transition into our family was going - 
I would say "amazingly well"!

We are finding foods he will eat - so far his favorite are grape tomatoes, ramen noodles, watermelon, grapes, bananas, hard boiled eggs, and milk.

Bryan Jinhua LOVES to play with his brothers and sisters!

Legos, trains, cars, nerf gun/sword battles - he just squeals with excitement and laughs and laughs as they play together.

Bryan Jinhua is learning about life with both a mama and a baba. Some kids greatly favor or reject one parent when first home from China, but so far that is not the case for Bryan Jinhua.

Food and love from mama, silly games and love from baba.

The seven months he spent living in the rehabilitation room at the orphanage were tough on him. We can tell that he missed out on physical touch, on comfort, and on love.

Bryan Jinhua is learning to be held, be cuddled, be comforted, and be loved.


Bryan Jinhua is grieving. 

It is so very hard to see! 

I can't kiss away the owie and make it all better...

I hold him, I rock him, I hum the songs that comforted my other kids, I tell him two of the few Chinese phrases I know "Mama loves you" and "It is okay", I offer food/drink, we watch the Thomas and Pleasant Goat DVD's I bought that are in Chinese, and I pray.

I kick myself that I didn't ask the nanny and orphanage director how they comforted Bryan Jinhua when he was upset (Did they even comfort him?). Maybe if I knew I could do it too?

I just posted the following in a "After Adoption Support" group:

"I am looking for ideas. In China Bryan woke up happy every morning! I even commented on it because I was surprised. We have been home two days and both days he has sobbed upon waking up. In China he slept next to me in bed. At home he is insisting on sleeping in the firetruck toddler bed....that is one foot from my bed. Last night I made sure to leave a night light on but that didn't change anything. I woke up before him (stayed in bed)...he barely stirred and then LOUD sobbing - so very sad! Any ideas as he is breaking my heart!"

Could you pray for his grieving heart?

Could you pray this mama knows how to comfort her boy? 

Thank you, Sandy

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  1. Oh Sandy I am so sorry he is grieving. I will lift you all up in prayer and pray the Lord comforts him and give him peace and joy. Big ((HUGS)) to mom too!