Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday - more pictures!

The last blog post got too long, but I have to share these cute Jin Hua Bryan pictures!!

Aeon has CAR CARTS on the 3rd floor!!!

Jin Hua Bryan was AMAZED!!
(Luckily we didn't have anywhere to be - because with the AGE and LANGUAGE BARRIER - getting him back OUT of that car took time and patience!)

Jin Hua Bryan LOVES taking a bath!!

I have been giving him a bath every night before bed. Yesterday afternoon we had nothing to do so I gave him ANOTHER bath!

I am loving getting to know my silly boy!

Jin Hua Bryan was a part of the Half the Sky program from the time he entered the orphanage (10 months old) until March 2014. At that time he was moved into a rehabilitation room - away from his friends, nannies, toys, books, and wonderful Half the Sky. 

Jin Hua Bryan doesn't want to be carried and snuggled as much as Darren did/does. He will let me hold him and give him a short snuggle, but he is much more independent. And maybe that is really just his personality? I am hoping that once we peel off a few layers we can find all the nurturing he received through Half the Sky. (An amazing organization - founded by an American - that brings love and nurturing into orphanages in China). 

I am praying for our son as he opens his heart up to his family and the love from *HIS* mama!!

Blessings from China! Sandy

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