Thursday, October 16, 2014


Today was the "medical examination day". Jin Hua Bryan (boy was it hard to remember to call him both names!) did great. I am not really sure WHO requires this medical exam - USA or China - but all adoptive families bring their child to get one.

 The check in desk

The area for adoptive families only

There are three stations. First the ENT looked at his ears and throat. The next station (room) was where Jin Hua Bryan got weighed and measured. The third station was with the pediatrician. (It was funny....our guide said this is the pediatric doctor....and he right away corrected her "pediatrician".) He listened to Jin Hua Bryan's heart and lungs. He also examined his legs. Jin Hua Bryan has had a stuffy nose and cough since we got him. The cough has gotten worse (I even had to give medicine to him  the other night - as I could find my essential oil - nearly tore the hotel room apart looking for it, but that is another story!). The doctor said the cough was nothing to worry about.

(Don't you love the sweet look on Jin Hua Bryan's face?)

Jin Hua Bryan is 95cm and 12kg

The eye checking chart - but he wasn't asked to do it.

After the medical examination we headed to the grocery store.

I *love* Chinese groceries stores!! So much to see and I *love* seeing all the American brands with Chinese writing on them. We have been to the grocery store quite a bit this trip and I just can't get enough of it!

The chip isle

With some very crazy chips!

The oreo selection.
 Rhiana didn't want to be adventurous and oreos are messy for little kids, so we stuck with the original. Boring! I know!



Our guide then took us to a street market


We walked away before another turtle met its end :(

(They were MOVING!!)

I am not even sure WHAT these were!

Chickens and ducks!

On the back of a bike!
(These vendors are literally just set up along the side of the street - as in IN the street - not sidewalk. Apparently that isn't allowed, so when an official comes by they grab their stuff (animals/fruit) and bike away)

Dried something?


Who kept trying to get away!
Go Franklin Go!

At dinner tonight we introduced Jin Hua Bryan to McDonald's!!
(Don't judge - it is actually AMAZINGLY delicious in China!)

He liked his Happy Meal (so did I - isn't is cute!).
He ate some fries and a chicken nugget. When we got back to the hotel room he ate some left over Chinese noodles that we had for lunch!
(Don't worry Darren - we got TWO happy meals so that YOU too can have the toy!)

It is hard to get a good picture of the view outside our hotel room.

I am still amazed how much GREEN there is in this HUGE city!

As I mentioned to a friend this morning:

I am enjoying our time in China. I am trying to embrace the experiences and enjoy this time getting to know our new son - as opposed to trying to crawl the walls and get back home like I did the last time! 

(Don't get me wrong - I *miss* my family desperately!!!)

Could you pray that Rhiana isn't sick when she wakes up this morning? She went to bed with a sore throat and achy. We have been doing all the boring paperwork for 4 days now. The next three days we have tours/fun stuff planned as we wait for Jin Hua Bryan's visa. I don't want her to miss out on that!

I couldn't get the internet to allow me to blog last night (Thursday night in China) once again I sit on the edge of the bathtub with my laptop balanced on the sink/counter while I blog. It is only 5:30am here and I want Rhiana and Jin Hua Bryan to get a couple more hours of sleep.  As an adult - when I go to bed at 8:30pm with the kids (as in literally FALL into bed DEAD tired) I can't sleep in past 5am. Maybe I will have to try harder tomorrow? Although I don't mind a few minutes to myself - I just wish the seat was more comfortable :)

Blessings from China! Sandy

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  1. Sounds like things are going well. I hope after some rest your daughter will feel significantly better. The pictures of the grocery store make me jealous. And I know how to get to the outdoor market... I can see what street to walk down and which way to turn in my head. China really is marvelous and so different from the US. I feel like I am "homesick" looking at your pictures... have a wonderful time and let its brilliance soak in.