Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday - our LAST day in China!

Breakfasts at some of the hotels in China are HUMONGOUS! There are multiple rooms of food - both Chinese and American. The breakfast at our hotel is much smaller. It is mostly Chinese food - with toast, waffles (not as good as frozen according to Rhiana), and cereal (that is some what stale). I have fun filling Jin Hua Bryan's plate with all sorts of interesting goodies. He tends to like fruit, noodles, and rice congee for breakfast.

The congee and porridge station

A *long* line of choices!

You could have beef ribs for breakfast!

Or fried eggs or chicken wings?

Or boiled egg? (Jin Hua Bryan loves these) or chicken meal sausage?

or milk immersion corn? One of Jin Hua Bryan's favorites!

Or fried udon noodles? or green vegetables?

I usually give Jin Hua Bryan a serving of whatever noodles they are serving as he seems to like them. I did skip it the morning they served spaghetti!

Your choice of tea, coffee, warm milk, or coffee/milk?
(The coffee/milk is tasty!)

There is always a spread of sandwich fixings - without the bread

This is where Rhiana and I tend to concentrate :)

Although garlic bread isn't that good for breakfast! The cakes, pita, buns, rolls are all very dry and not sweet. So we go for the waffles and toast....and bring our own peanut butter - why not!

The fruit, drinks, and cereal. The cereal display is small. When we have cereal we end up emptying the whole display bowl!

Every morning at breakfast watermelon, cantaloupe, and one other fruit is served. Today it was dates! Who knew what dates looked or tasted like not dried?! Jin Hua Bryan LOVED them!

The next day it was grape tomatoes for the middle fruit. Jin Hua Bryan ate them by the handfuls!

Napkin anyone? What? You say it looks more like a tissue? Why yes - it feels that way too!

Most restaurants give you one napkin. Many of the restaurants charge extra for napkins!

McDonald's has a sink so you can wash your hands. It is located right by the door.

Pizza Hut gives out plastic gloves when you order take out - so you don't get your hands greasy!

When you don't wear a watch....and you are not turning your cell phone on to avoid international charges.....you have to carry your TRAVEL clock around to be sure not to be late to appointments!
We are COOL like that :)

Rhiana learned how to write her name!
(Yes Alex - she is doing school!)

I found a kid's devotional!

Jin Hua doesn't know how to read Chinese - but I love that it contains some of his culture!

Someone forgot to tell Jin Hua Bryan that it *might* be harder to walk in hotel, adult size slippers!

A belly laugh!


A friend described it so well - that I asked if I could quote her. I might be a tad bit tired - could be all that walking :)

"In China there are two ways to cross a street and both are nothing like where we live. The smaller streets you cross and hope you don't get hit.

 The pedestrians do NOT have the right of way. The cars do NOT slow down. 

Other pedestrians will shove you out of the way to get where they are going. The larger streets are separated by a white fence down the median which means the cars can not turn around in the streets and pedestrians can not cross. The cars have to go up on an exit ramp, turn around on the ramp and go the other directions if they need to turn that way. The pedestrians have two options (depending on which one is available). Some places have underground crossings to get to the other side of the street and others have pedestrian bridges you cross over the street. Either way you climb 100 steps up and 100 steps down. There is so much walking in China."

 This is my LAST blog post from China!

We leave for home at 3am tomorrow morning!
We will travel for 24 hours and then hopefully I will be HOME to hug ALL my babies!!

THANK YOU for all your prayers!!

We have definitely felt a peace that only God and prayers surrounding us can bring!

I won't continue to blog everyday - but will probably post pictures for the next few weeks as Jin Hua Bryan transitions/adjusts to life in our family.

Blessings from China! Sandy

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