Monday, October 13, 2014


In China you have 24 hours - known as the Harmonous Period - to decide whether you want to adopt your child. On  Monday you take your child back to your hotel room and then on Tuesday you go back to the very same room where you got them to sign the paperwork.
(I made sure to have our guide explain to Jin Hua that we were NOT bringing him back - just signing paperwork!)

Jin Hua (and Darren) are both from an orphanage in Shenzhen - which is in the Guangdong Province.

First you meet with the official to say that YES indeed you DO want to adopt this child! Then you hand over your gift and get a "family picture" taken for the paperwork.

After signing the initial paperwork you head upstairs to meet with the notary. First you answer a series of questions: How many bio kids do you have? How many adopted kids do you have? How many years have you been married? Why do you want to adopt?

Then you sign your name, hand over your gift and off you go!

We stopped by a Walmart type store to get food and a stroller.

THIS was the parking garage! I have never seen anything like it - cars actually STACKED inside it!

We picked up some Chinese noodles, rice, buns (filled with pork) for lunch. Jin Hua used both a fork and chopsticks!

Rhiana is getting pretty good with chopsticks!

 Typical highrise in Guangzhou

We went shopping for snacks!
(I might have already consumed the coke zero - China's "diet pop")

We get two of these packets each day from housekeeping. I am not sure exactly what they are - I am guessing some kind of coffee since there are coffee beans in the picture! Whatever it is - it was YUMMY :)

So far today Jin Hua has done GREAT! He has been playful, smiley, silly, well behaved (paperwork appt. and store), and awfully CUTE!

THANK YOU for your continued PRAYERS for Jin Hua and our WHOLE family!!!

Tomorrow is we apply for Jin Hua's passport and visa.
We have been skyping the family back home everyday. We can hear and see them - but they have a tough time doing the same...we are mostly fuzzy and they can hear 75% of what I say. (It makes sharing our day a BIT frustrating!)  If this blog contains LOTS of details - it is because it is the best way to communicate with my kiddos/husband/family at home. They want the details - you are welcome to just look at the pictures :)

Blessings, Sandy

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