Monday, October 27, 2014


THANK YOU for all your love and support!! 

Hearing from other adoptive mamas that their wee ones also experienced grieving much the same as Bryan Jinhua has helped me during this difficult time. 

Hearing that it is normal....

Hearing it is necessary to grieve....

and being told just to do MY BEST to comfort him....
(even when my best doesn't seem like enough!)

Bryan Jinhua INSISTS upon falling asleep in his own bed. Since he didn't cry when he woke up in China next to me - I have starting taking him into our bed once he is asleep (tricky of me huh?!)

Last night (or early morning 2am) he started to whimper...

and then cry loud enough to wake me up....

so I rubbed his back, hummed a loving tune, told him in Chinese that "mama loves him" and "it's okay"......

AND he calmed down AND fell back asleep!!!

PRAISING GOD that I was ABLE to provide comfort to our son!!!

And this morning when he woke up....laying between Darren and I (cause we played a little bed twister last night)....he smiled and laughed!!!

YAY JESUS!!! who heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds!!!
(Yes, I realize this was only one morning. Yes, I realize there is A LOT of healing that still needs to take place. Yes, I realize there is still grieving to walk through....but I am choosing JOY today!)

Praying that each day continues to get easier for our son and that we can continue to walk this difficult road with him.

 A bike ride for three!

Big brothers are so much fun!

Raking leaves like the big kids - but holding mama's hand!

First trip to the park - he loved the swings!

 Bryan Jinhua is VERY flexible and cute!

Sooo.....before I could push "publish" we have had two short periods of grieving. I am thinking evenings are harder when you are tired? And jetlagged? We might try an earlier bedtime tomorrow....especially since he isn't getting the 2-3 hour nap he was used to getting at the orphanage. 

THANK YOU for continuing to pray for Bryan Jinhua and his sweet, grieving heart!

Blessings, Sandy

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