Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Today we applied for Jin Hua's passport. It was a simple and easy appointment - and luckily we got there early so very little waiting.

Lunch at Subway - "China style"- no veggies (you have to avoid tap water at ALL costs - including rinsed veggies from Subway!) and a coke zero (they don't have diet pop!)

I just love the menu in Chinese!

The outside of our hotel

And another little Kreps boy likes to play with the light switches!
How convenient that they are right at this level :)

I wear a money belt whenever we go out and about. I had it laying on the bed and someone wanted to put on the money belt JUST like mama! He even lifted up his shirt since I wear it under my shirt :)

Look who found Jie Jie's sunglasses!
(Not that we really need sunglasses - the smog pretty much covers up the sun for us!)

 Because we all need a gas mask in our hotel room - right?!

 We enjoyed dinner at the MEXICAN restaurant with friends last evening. Yep - a MEXICAN restaurant in China! With all the *wonderful* inner city SMELLS and SIGHTS in this large city in China sometimes adoptive families just want a taste of home!

I was a bit SCARED to go out for a "sit down" dinner. I went with Darren while in China and it was a DISASTER! We don't even take the kids out for dinner much at home. So the idea of trying to get a 2 year old/3 year old (who is really a 4 year old) who doesn't speak the same language to behave at a restaurant - oh BOY! But....he did GREAT!

and he enjoyed his first french fry at the Mexican restaurant!
(What he really liked doing was cutting the french fries with a knife - a new skill he is perfecting)

Tomorrow Rhiana and I are going to start adding “Bryan” to Jin Hua’s name. 
I am figuring it will be Jin Hua Bryan for a while. 

Jin Hua is a curious and silly little boy.  
He spends a lot of time walking around the edge of the bed, the bench at the end of the bed, the table, the shelf along the wall under the tv, and the night stands just investigating everything. He turns the lights off and on. Jin Hua talks on the phone. I unplug the phone, so he doesn't actually make a phone call,  and then he spends a while plugging it back in. He is definitely a little problem solver - trying to figure out this and that. He spends time learning how things work, where this can fit and what that can do. It sure keeps him busy!. He turns the tv off and on, he opens the closet – walks in and closes it! He also takes all his toys out of the nightstand drawer - oh the fun! Jin Hua doesn’t spend a ton of time playing with his toys – although he does like the Lightning McQueen remote control car (good thing we got one for Darren too!). We have spent some time coloring. He does like bubbles, balloons, and baths. Jin Hua does a little bit of crawling, but seems to prefer to hold onto things and walk. He is very unsteady and falls often – but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Jin Hua's legs are very floppy and flexible (and skinny!).

Jin Hua Bryan seems to have a good appetite. 
He doesn’t seem to have any favorite foods so far. When our guide asked Jin Hua what he wanted from the store he said meat filled buns. Jin Hua ate them for lunch and seemed to enjoy them. I bought more for him yesterday – but he preferred my Subway sandwich, chips, a banana, and some grape tomatoes instead! We were told he likes rice congee for breakfast and also likes meat. Yesterday for breakfast I got him watermelon, cantaloupe, 5 or 6 different kinds of meat (including fish – oh wouldn’t Darren be jealous!), and rice congee. Jin Hua took a bite of the congee, one or two bites of the meat and then had three servings of the fruit! He seems like a typical kid to me – the favorite foods of one day are ignored the next.

Rhiana and I are just soaking up our time in China. 
It is a much different trip than last time for me. Last time I was sooooo super, duper anxious to get back home that I could hardly stand it! I do miss my family so, so, so much – but I am also trying to enjoy the birth country of my two sons. Instead of fighting against my time here – I am trying to enjoy the journey. When Rhiana was asked last night “Are you anxious to go home?” she answered “no” – and I believe that. Although there are things she misses about home, she too is enjoying the journey.

Falling in love with another person – It is a slow and delicate dance. 
I am enjoying the dance. Our time in China is allowing us not to rush. Spending time together – getting to know each other – this time is a gift. A mother who traveled around the world for a little boy that she calls “son”. And a little boy who spent over 3 years in an orphanage who now calls this woman “mama”. 

God is good….we are falling in love!

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  1. We forgot about the "avoid veggies" thing seeral times without issue. The problem came from the hotel's Anerican breakfast that landed me in the ER. WHAT A GREAT POST!!! So excited I came across your blog at this time!!