Saturday, November 22, 2014

Our week

TODAY is *one month* since we (Rhiana, Bryan, and I) arrived back home!!

How is THAT possible! The time has flown!!

Bryan enjoyed his OT and PT appointments this week.

Who wouldn't when you get to slide cars down a slide, play with Mr. Potato Head, swing, climb, play with balls, bounce....

Bryan spent some time hanging out in my backpack. 

He even brought along a toy :) Thankfully the back of my head didn't suffer damage :)

Bryan and I made a run to the Chinese grocery store for "comfort food"!

We saw a tank FULL of - no thank you :)

And lots, and lots of other tasty foods.

I just LOVE looking around the store - soaking in my China memories. The smells, the sounds, the food - good for both Bryan and I.

Bryan discovered this week that he LOVES sledding!!

Lots and LOTS of giggling!

Today my sister asked me for prayer requests -

I told her:

-my prayer is that whatever Bryan has (disease, condition) it isn't degenerative

-my prayer is that Bryan continues to grieve less and less (he didn't cry yesterday...or so far today!)
(I heard from a fellow adoptive mom this week that her daughter grieved for a whole year - so instead of thinking days and weeks I am thinking it could be longer)

....but we are committed to COMFORT and LOVE Bryan as long as he needs to grieve and process this HUGE life changing/transition - because he is OUR SON - forever and EVER!

Amazing how much I LOVE this little guy already!!

Up Coming Events:
Weekly OT and PT
Dec. 1 - receive AFO's
Dec. 5 - Pediatrian Appt. 
Dec. 10 - Urology appt.
Dec. 30 - MRI
Jan. 16 - joint appt. with Rehab. Doctor and Neurologist

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Sandy, I am praying along with you that Bryan's condition is not degenerative. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!