Monday, November 3, 2014

Prayer Request:

Tomorrow Bryan Jinhua has his first pediatrician appointment.

On Wednesday he has an appointment with Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Next Tuesday Bryan  has an appointment with Pediatric Neurology.

Bryan Jinhua is a bit of a mystery....

His file from China said "lower limb atrophy and paralysis".

When the doctor's at our local hospital looked at his file they said "possible Cerebral Palsy"

The orphanage contacted us a few months ago. They wanted to find out if we were still interested in adopting Bryan because they now thought he had Spina Bifida.

Bryan Jinhua is super DUPER flexible! As in - he can do the splits, a chin stand, and lots of other crazy contortions - all his joints seem hyper-mobile. Based on this we have had a couple of medical professional acquaintances mention other syndromes. 

Bryan Jinhua could have a mild form or he could have a severe form of these syndromes - and Dr. Google can be VERY SCARY!

Could you join us in PRAYING FOR:
*Wisdom for the doctor's so we can have a definite diagnosis
(I should add - I don't expect we will get a diagnosis tomorrow - but we are hoping that one of the specialists we see in the coming weeks will be able to come up with a diagnosis and then a treatment plan for Bryan)
*Strength for us and for Bryan Jinhua to walk the journey that the diagnosis will bring

GOD KNOWS Bryan's diagnosis and our FAITH rests in His POWER!

Baba, Mama, and one very sweet boy!

Grieving Update: Bryan Jinhua is slowly adjusting and grieving less - but we still do see grieving every day :( Sometimes when he wakes up, sometimes just in the middle of the day, and sometimes at bedtime - he will just cry. He is now seeking our comfort - and wants to be held and cuddled which is huge!

Blessings, Sandy

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