Sunday, November 30, 2014


Bryan had PT this week. Although he doesn't like his hands sticky and dirty (my kind of kid!!) - he tolerated the shaving cream activity. (The OT was out sick so no OT this week) 

During PT Bryan was measured for a gait trainer. It is a Ottobock Nurmi Neo and will look pretty similar to the one above (not sure if those are the same handles). The seat  will fold up when he isn't using it. He did pick GREEN! 

The walker actually goes behind if he is standing with it - the basket will be at his back.

 It will take a few months for Bryan to get his gait trainer. Apparently it takes insurance FOREVER to process the paperwork and issue approvals. 

In the meantime we have a "temporary" walker - a kids shopping cart with a weight in it so it won't tip over. 

 Bryan walked in circles for an AMAZINGLY long time after we dusted off this toy from the basement. He walked through the kitchen - family room - computer room - school room...and around and around again :)

I wish that you could have been at our house!!!

Darren and Jason were running around in circles....with Bryan crawling and trying his best to keep up. Erik offered to carry Bryan and run too! 

O-BOY-O-BOY was Bryan EXCITED!!!

He was ALL smiles! He was pumping his fists and just squealing with HAPPINESS!!!

THE JOY on his face - was just WONDERFUL to watch!!

Can you imagine never before being able to run and keep up with the other kids?! And now YOUR DADDY is carrying you and making that possible!!!

My mama heart was BURSTING with happiness for my boy!

Someone got a hold of my phone and learned how to take a selfie :)

Tomorrow Bryan gets his AFO's (ankle foot orthotics). 
Please pray that they don't cause him pain and he can adjust (and LIKE) wearing them. He currently walks on the side of his feet. His feet are frequently turned to a 45 degree angle from his legs. We PRAY and HOPE these braces will help Bryan to reach his full walking potential.

After reading this post a friend shared:
"I was thinking about daddy running with Bryan and carrying much of what our heavenly father does for us... carries us thru our struggles and gives us joy in the journey!"

Blessings, Sandy

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