Saturday, November 8, 2014

Snow and an update!

 Early this morning it snowed!

HUGE flakes!

So we HAD to get outside so our Southern China - never having seen snow before - boy could SEE the snow UP CLOSE - even in his pajamas!

He seemed to like the snow! Although wasn't so sure when those BIG flakes melted on top of his head!

Bryan Jinhua has woken up everyday (except one) HAPPY!! woo hoo! AND he has gone to sleep every night HAPPY - no crying/screaming!! woo hoo!

Bryan continues to have one or two times a day that he just suddenly starts crying/ is so very sad BUT he also now seeks out AND accepts my comfort!! Oh - my - heart - it is WONDERFUL! Seeing Bryan grieving is still hard, but being able to provide comfort is HUGE!

Pediatrician - mostly a base line type appointment. We didn't learn anything new. Bryan got the flu mist. We are waiting on other vaccines until we get titers drawn. We received bottles to collect poop samples.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - FABULOUS doctor! He gave us referrals for PT, OT, Speech, Orthotics, Radiology, and Urology. He doesn't think Bryan Jinhua has CP, SB, a syndrome, or Ehlers Danos......but guesses it is some type of nerve/muscle issue.

Radiology - x-rays were taken of Bryan's hips, legs, and spine

Laboratory - poop samples dropped off (YUCK!)

Monday - Orthotics
Tuesday - Neurology
Wednesday - PT evaluation
Thursday - OT evaluation

(Nothing like jumping right in with appointments huh?!)

THANK YOU for your PRAYERS as we continue to seek a diagnosis and therapy to help Bryan Jinhua!

Blessings, Sandy

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