Sunday, December 7, 2014


Who knew fitting AFO's that were made from a cast of YOUR OWN FEET/LEGS would take so long?!

Good thing we brought Legos!

And we took FUN selfies to pass the time!

TWO HOURS later we had fitted AFO's!

Bryan is supposed to wear them 3x a day for 30 minutes each time. 
(Apparently you have to build up a tolerance to wearing them. You have to be careful not to get sore spots/blisters.) In time he will wear them all his waking hours.

Bryan doesn't like them...but tolerates them. 

And truth be told....I don't like them either. 
I don't like that I have to force him to wear them.  I don't like that they can cause his feet to be sore. My number one "I don't like" - that they make it harder for him to walk now. In the end I know they will help him - but for now it is is hard to watch him struggle :(

Yesterday - shoes that actually fit around these crazy, wide AFO's arrived in the mail - that helps a lot! Today -  socks long enough to fold over the top of the AFO's arrived in the mail - they should help too. 

(Don't ask me how many stores I called and visited trying to find shoes and socks!!)

I am praying Bryan gets used to wearing the AFO's. It has to be hard for him. He has walked on the sides of his feet for 4 years. He is having to learn a new way to walk AND find a new center of balance....praying that happens soon!

Bryan at his weekly PT appointment.

He was supposed to stand up - remove the car that was taped to the mirror - and bend his legs as he sat back down. Bryan locks his knees and tends not to bend them - so this activity is supposed to help with that.

THEN Bryan got to RIDE A TRICYCLE!!!

WOO HOO!!! It was definitely a DREAM COME TRUE for him!!!

You could just see him thinking 
"I am getting to ride a bike like my BIG brothers and sisters!"

I was soooo PROUD of him and amazed that with the help of the handle on the back and velcro on the pedals BRYAN COULD RIDE A BIKE!! 

Any guess what Bryan might be getting for Christmas?!

 This week the kids decorated gingerbread houses

Bryan worked really hard on his house - look at that concentration!

 I didn't know what to expect. 

Although he is 4 years old....he acts more like a young 3 year old.

I didn't know if he could do this activity or how much help he would need.

Bryan's fine motor skills are really good. 
(He will only need a couple of more OT appointments.) 

 I spread the frosting and he placed all the candies. 

And he did a REALLY good job!

 Soooo FUN that Bryan could join "the big kids" for our yearly gingerbread house decorating!

I *love* making memories with Bryan included! 

Blessings, Sandy

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