Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bath fun!

Bryan *loves* taking a bath!

A bubble bath is a BONUS!

And having a big brother join in the fun - even better!

Lots of giggling!

And LOTS of splashing!

This week during PT Bryan tried out a gait trainer (walker). 

At the orphanage he used a walker that was pushed IN FRONT of him. This gait trainer and the gait trainer that has been ordered for him go BEHIND him. 

Let's just say Bryan wasn't so sure about it. 
Apparently it seems wrong to have it behind him and not in front! Hopefully with time he will learn how to move it along - he was moving *faster* than the walker! (His walker with have some sort of friction built in so that doesn't happen)

During OT Bryan made a couple of ornaments!

It was really sooo sweet to see him working on the crafts!!

The OT had him sitting on a ball WITH special white shorts on (I know they look like a diaper in the picture!). The shorts have the legs sown together - so Bryan had to use his core to balance on the ball and not spread his legs to balance - pretty sneaky of her huh?!

Bryan hasn't cried his so.very.sad - break.your.heart grieving cry in over a week!!
(Although he has cried the "I want that toy" cry and the "I am scared of the dark and don't want to ride in the van when it is dark" cry)

PRAISING GOD that our son is adjusting to his new life!!!

Bryan had his urology appointment this week. 
They have scheduled him for an ultrasound next week to get a look at his bladder, kidneys, and other inside parts. I have a Mandarin interpreter scheduled to be at the appointment. Hopefully he/she will be able to help me keep Bryan from getting scared and hold still :)

Blessings, Sandy

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