Sunday, December 28, 2014


We had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

Bryan did really well on Christmas! He had fun opening his gifts and playing with his new toys. I wondered if he would get overwhelmed or stressed with all the excitement, but he didn't. My mom even commented how calm and happy the kids seemed :)

Bryan got a batman costume!

His favorite gifts were wooden blocks (he couldn't stop long enough for a picture with Darren!) and a tricycle that my mom adapted for him.

(Skyping with XinLi)


She is part of an orphan hosting program and spending the month of December with a family in Florida!

A LOT of the pictures we received of Bryan from China included a little girl.

Today we got to "MEET HER"!!

She is such a sweetie and doing really well adjusting to life in a family.

BUT.....Bryan wanted nothing to do with her :(

He wouldn't say "Ni Hao"

When I asked "Is this your friend"....Bryan would respond "no" :(

 He wanted to crawl away into another room.
When I bribed him (with candy) to stay he started to cry :(

In the end Bryan played Legos in front of the computer while I visited with his friend and her host family.

I was surprised. I thought he would be excited to see/talk to her! I thought (and still think) that a lot of his grieving was because he missed his friend.

Darren had a similar reaction/experience with his orphanage buddy. It took them MONTHS to warm up to each other. I can only think that our boys have put their pasts behind them. For some reason they have to move on/move forward to emotionally heal and adjust to their new lives. I am guessing that seeing someone from their past just hits too close to home. Until some time has passed and they feel fully comfortable/adjusted in their new lives they are unable to allow that connection/enjoy that link to their past.

We plan on trying to skype a time or two more before she heads back to China.

I hope our next "visit" goes better!

Blessings, Sandy

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