Sunday, December 21, 2014

This week:

Bryan decorated Christmas cookies.

What a BLESSING to be a part of all these "FIRSTS"!!

Bryan went to PT...

and OT.

Who says OT has to be ALL hard work?!

         Bryan had an ultrasound on his bladder and kidneys.
He wasn't so sure about all the goop, but laid still and didn't cry!

We are still waiting to hear the results.

We also had Bryan's AFO's adjusted. The adjustments seem to be working - YAY!

We are working our way toward wearing the AFO's full time. 

Bryan seems to be getting used to his AFO's
(Although he still isn't interested in pushing his shopping cart around while wearing them)

I am getting used to his AFO's
(And can usually get them on the first try)

Six out of the ten of us got a TERRIBLE stomach virus this week :(

I was most worried about Darren (and his repaired heart) and Bryan (being home only two months) getting sick. I didn't want Darren to end up in the hospital. I wondered how I would explain to Bryan what was happening to him and hoped I could comfort him.

I worried that both of them would have bad aim and miss the bucket!

THANKFULLY both boys are still healthy! PRAYING it continues!

We are looking forward to CELEBRATING Bryan's first CHRISTMAS in just a few days!!

Blessings, Sandy

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