Sunday, January 4, 2015

MRI and a Movie!

Bryan had his MRI this week. 

He did AMAZING! 

We love the ball maze toy in radiology! It definitely passed the time as we waited.
(It brought back so many memories of waiting with Darren! Bryan enjoyed the balls as much as Darren did!)

 Bryan was gowned up and ready to go.

Child Life came by and showed him a little bit about what to expect. We LOVE that program that helps to make our kids feel comfortable during medical procedures!

Since Bryan has an unknown "muscular disorder" they needed to avoid certain anesthetics. He was unable to have the gas they usually give kids before putting the IV in. They upped the dose of the medication they gave him to help him relax before they took him back. 

There were NO tears leaving us or getting his IV

 AND they called us back before he even stirred!!!

(YAY for the nurses who listened to my request! With attachment/bonding/learning to trust so new we felt it was VERY important that we were there when he woke up)

 Bryan woke up - with NO tears!!

He ate a popsicle and had some apple juice. Before Bryan even figured out he had an IV in his hand they were taking it out - YAY!)

And then we headed home! YOUR prayers meant so much to us! 

The day went better then I even DREAMED it could!!

(Bryan has a doctor's appointment on the 16th. We don't expect to hear any MRI results before then)

Later in the week Bryan saw his first movie in the theater.

Isn't that little face just TOO CUTE?!

Luckily The Penguins of Madagascar was showing at the same time as Night at the Museum. We sent the big kids to see the Museum movie and took the 4 littles to see the Penguins. I didn't think Bryan would make it through the whole movie. Thankfully it was really just a cute movie without a scary part. Minutes into the movie I snuggled him and his popcorn on my lap and he sat quietly through the WHOLE movie!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. So glad things are going well for Bryan. We think of you and pray for you often. So much has been going on here that I have neglected my correspondence. I will be sending you a personal e-mail soon. Bryan's next dr's. appt. is on my lucky 65th birthday. God Bless!