Sunday, January 11, 2015

Test Results, Bowling, and a Kiss!

First things First - MRI results:

We received the following from Bryan's neurologist: "Hello. I wanted to let you know that Bryan's MRI of the brain as well as the lumbar spine was normal. His CK was also normal. It tells me that there is not a tumor and there wasn't trauma to his spinal cord causing his leg problems. 

At your next visit on 1/16/15 with myself and Dr. H., we can discuss the next step, EMG/NCS vs. Biopsy vs trying to do genetic testing."

Like a good mom I googled the different tests listed above.  

The EMG/NCS study examines the integrity of the peripheral nerves and muscles of the
What is the Nerve Conduction Study or NCS?
The NCS involves examining the nerves in your arms or legs. This consists of attaching
wires to the surface of your skin, and administering a small “shock” to see how well the
nerves react and function. These results are monitored on a computer.
What is the Electromyography or EMG?
The EMG examines the muscle activity in your body. This study consists of inserting a
sterile, individually wrapped, needle into your various muscles and monitoring their
activity. These results are monitored on a computer. You will probably be stuck 5-7
times per arm or leg. There is NO shocking during the EMG.
Is the EMG or NCS painful?
The “shocks” during the NCS are not painful, although they may feel slightly
uncomfortable. The needle “sticks” during the EMG feels like a small ant bite, and can
sometimes be uncomfortable, but not painful.
Muscle Biopsy:
This procedure is usually done while you are awake. The health care provider will apply a numbing medicine (local anesthesia) to the biopsy area.

There are two types of muscle biopsy:
A needle biopsy involves inserting a needle into the muscle. When the needle is removed, a small piece of tissue remains in the needle. More than one needle stick may be needed to get a large enough sample.
An open biopsy involves making a small cut in the skin and into the muscle. The muscle tissue is then removed.
After either type of biopsy, the tissue is sent to a laboratory for examination. 
Those tests SCARE ME! 

 PLEASE PRAY for Bryan's January 16 appointment. That the doctor's will have wisdom in deciding the next steps in finding a diagnosis for Bryan.

 Over Christmas break Bryan went bowling for the FIRST time!
(Daddy is a BIG Denver Broncos fan!)
We were AMAZED as he caught on right away to the "rules" and understood when he did well!

 I love the expressions on both Bryan and big brother Darren's faces!

 What a sweetie!

Did I mention how EASY he is to LOVE?

How well he fits into our family? How well he fits into MY arms?

AND this week I got MY FIRST KISS!!

We snuggle A LOT! We hug A LOT! I carry him A LOT! I kiss him A LOT! We even nuzzle our faces together A LOT! (And he sees me kissing the other kids A LOT)

BUT this week.....after being Bryan's mama for almost THREE MONTHS -


Blessings, Sandy