Sunday, February 1, 2015


We got the call on Friday that our insurance approved our request for Bryan's genetic testing!
(We thought we would be waiting MONTHS to hear back from the insurance! Maybe the months are how long the testing takes to process?!)

(None of those scary tests with LOTS of needles in his legs!)

So Tuesday we will head into the hospital for a blood draw.
(Armed with a new Lego Duplo toy!)

These brothers have sooo much fun playing together!!

You might notice the walker sitting in the background. It is on loan from our school system until Bryan's arrives. He has used it only THREE times in the two weeks we have had it. A few days ago I tried to gently encourage him to show daddy how he could walk with it (and he can walk really well!). He broke down in tears/started sobbing. We are not really sure why. Daddy hasn't even seen him use it.

 Bryan seems to prefer to crawl, be carried, hold our hands while walking, and even use his shopping cart to get around.

We see another new PT this week at our doctor's office. She specializes in kids with SMA and also has extra training in wheelchair use. Maybe she can help us figure out his resistance to using the walker?

I have found myself tearing up so many times this week that I have lost track.
(Normally I go MONTHS without crying/tearing up!)

But then I look at our HAPPY, JOY FILLED son and it is hard to feel sad!!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Bryan and our family.

Blessings, Sandy

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