Monday, March 16, 2015

More PT Fun and a Darren Update!

 PT continues to be full of FUN new gadgets. Bryan laid in this contraption and played with toys. It allowed his legs/hips to move around with zero gravity - which is supposed to be great way to exercise them.

Bryan tried out a new style walker/gait trainer at PT too. The new PT thinks he might a little more support than the walker we have on order/what our old PT thought. This one has a sling style seat so that if/when he falls when walking it will catch him. Also it has a padded band around his chest to provide more support.

The PT is hoping to have a loaner walker for us to take home next week.

Although in our untrained minds a simpler walker that Bryan can get in and out of on his own seems better. It is true that he falls often when walking so maybe this is what he needs. The bummer is we will have to put him in and take him out - so it is a little less flexible for just a quick walk across the room.

Big brother Darren (our ORIGINAL journey to China blessing) had his six month cardiology check up this week.

He had a EKG

Darren also had a ECHO.

The hope was to clear Darren for one year check ups. The ECHO showed a couple of areas that have changed since his last visit. The aortic outflow has increased obstruction. His VSD patch is leaking a little bit more. (I think THAT is what they said....boy-o-boy are hearts complicated/confusing!!).

So we have to head back for another check up in 6 months as they want to keep a closer eye on Darren's heart. 

It was a  bit of a wake up call for Erik and I. Darren does SO WELL day to day. Last summer he learned to ride a bike! Last summer he learned to swim under water (thanks to Jamma!)! He runs, he plays, he eats, he doesn't tire faster than the other kids, and he never complains about heart pain.......BUT he had a COMPLEX heart repair. We need to remember that! 

It was just another REALLY good reminder to LIVE each and EVERY day to the fullest!!

Blessings, Sandy

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