Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bryan is FIVE!

(Yes - I am LOVING our new DOUBLE sized cake pan! Now *everyone* can have seconds!! #bigfamilyprobs)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet Bryan Jinhua!

 Your easy going, sweet disposition are a JOY!

We are INCREDIBLY blessed to be your parents

....although today we also think of your birth parents who must be remembering the day of your birth. We long to tell them about what a wonderful little boy you are - I know they would be so proud of you.

Last year we celebrated Bryan's birthday without him as we waited for the end of our paperwork to be processed

In China Bryan celebrated with a cake from Miss Tammy.
She also shared with him our photo album letting him know HE HAD A FAMILY!!!

I love this picture of Bryan seeing HIS mama and baba for the first time!

I just LOVE the sweet look on his face!

"Is that REALLY *my* fire truck bed?!"

oh sweet Bryan - we are soooo BLESSED to be your family!!!

(AND his little friend will be joining HER new family in a just a few weeks!! We will have to make the trip down to FL to visit her sometime soon - thank goodness for skype to bridge the distance!!)

----a little update----

3 weeks ago Bryan had blood drawn for a genetic test - we await the results.

2 weeks ago during PT a very experienced doctor observed Bryan. She must have been almost 80 and has seen thousands of patients. She has also traveled the world seeing patients in India and Africa with polio. She felt very sure what she was seeing in Bryan was polio. 

Our hearts continue to be hopeful that Bryan's diagnosis will not be degenerative!!


1 week ago Bryan had casts made for a new AFO for his left foot - we have an appt. later in September to pick it up. I am hopeful that it will work better than the last one.

(We brought Duplos to pass the AFO making time)

THANK YOU for your continued prayers for Bryan!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. So happy that Bryan's little girl friend is getting a loving family too. Looks like she was very loving and protective of little Bryan. Praying that there is a definitive diagnosis for Bryan and that it is hopeful.