Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One Year Home!!

How is it POSSIBLE that THIS little face has been HOME for ONE YEAR?!

In someways it feels just like yesterday and in other ways it feels like years ago that we first met Bryan Jinhua in China!

He is now walking with his walker - FAST!

And swimming - he LOVES it!

And riding his NEW bike - with a little help :)

And playing with his siblings!

And receiving LOVE from a family - HIS FAMILY!

WOW! What a difference a YEAR makes!!!

- We are still waiting on Bryan's genetic test results...
-A couple of weeks ago while Bryan was being fitted for a new SMO our *FABULOUS* PT found out two doctors with polio experience were going to be in the building. We camped outside their treatment rooms and they took a few minutes to observe Bryan and ask us questions. One of the doctors currently works with adult polio patients. The other doctor worked at our local hospital's polio ward - at the time there was a polio ward (it has since been closed). They both have LOTS of hands on experience working with polio patients and BOTH concurred that Bryan looks like someone who has had polio.
- We applied for a grant last week for Bryan's dental work. He has 12 teeth that need dental work including THREE that need root canals and crowns. THANKFULLY we have gotten approval to have the work done in the hospital under anesthesia (which our insurance covers). We just need help covering the dental portion (which our insurance does not cover).  

We continue to PRAISE GOD that Bryan is our son!

We feel VERY HOPEFUL that Bryan does indeed have polio (or the after effects of some similar virus) as opposed to the doctors' initial suspicion of a degenerative, fatal condition.

We feel confident that God LOVES Bryan even more than we do and we TRUST in God's plan for Bryan's life!

Blessings, Sandy

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