Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Dream

Darren woke up this morning saying 

"I had a dream last night that you went and got that little boy from China"

I love hearing that the kids are excited to get a new brother too!

Blessings, Sandy

Monday, December 26, 2016

We told the Littles

We told the four little kids about Ming Yu tonight. Their reactions caught me by surprise....they were OVER THE TOP excited!!

Jason jumped up from the table the started dancing around the kitchen chanting "I am going to have a new little brother!!"

Bryan gave me a GREAT big hug!

Darren said "Now my dream has come true!"

They were SUPER excited and were! I started wondering if they would ever be able to fall asleep. They ran around the house just so excited.

Rhiana says we should have video taped them. She is right - I just had no idea they would be so excited.

I know bringing a new son/brother home will be full of changes - ups and downs - but I love that their hearts are open to another family member.