Thursday, February 9, 2017


We were scheduled for a 9am appointment. With rush hour traffic google maps predicted a drive that normally takes an hour could take up to an hour and 40 minutes. Erik HATES driving in rush hour traffic so convinced the rest of us to leave the house at 6:15am!!!

Wayne State University is only 20 minutes away from USCIS so we decided to drive past it and check out the campus. Since we arrived at WSU at 7:15am it was a little dark - so we drove around for a few minutes and headed to our appointment early.

We arrived at USCIS at 7:40am and noticed people already inside. As we were waiting in line for security the fingerprinting office opened up. Our paperwork got stamped with an arrival time of 7:54am...and they were already taking people back. 

All 4 of us were fingerprinted and heading home by 8:15am!


The traffic heading home was worse than on the way to the appointment. Then we hit snow with white out conditions - my oh my - I haven't driven in such stressful weather in a few years! Luckily we made it home (and Erik to work) in one piece!

The kids are excited that we finished more paperwork - they are getting anxious for Ming Yu to come home 💗

Blessings, Sandy

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