Monday, February 13, 2017

Updated Information!

Height: 101 cm; Weight: 17.75 kg; Chest’s circumference: 61 cm; Head’s circumference: 51 cm; Teeth number: Ten on top and ten at the bottom; Feet length: 15 cm (left foot), 8 cm (right foot).

He has been healthy recently.

His developments at all aspect are good. He is smarter than same age children. He is a caring child, everybody likes him.

His language skills are pretty good. He can communicate well with adults. For example: “Aunt, I can go to bed by myself now, do you know that?” or “Aunt, I want to drink some water.” He knows almost all kinds of fruits, he recognize colors.

We call him Ming Yu.

He is refined internally and externally. He can be a little timid and shy sometimes. But when he did something nice and you praise him he will be proud and active. If he feels that you like him he would communicate and interact with you, he talks to you about everything. He is not afraid of strangers. He gets along well with big brothers outside.

He is a caring little boy, he is willing to help and take care of other children. But you need to make him feel confident and show his courage, praise him and compromise him a lot. He is a smart and thoughtful boy. We all like him very much.

He stays in the foster organization.

He likes toy cars, transformers and building blocks, he likes all the toys for boys.

He is affectionate, he likes to communicate and interact with adults.

This picture was sent to Ming Yu's buddy Stephen's family - Ming Yu is in the back - cool dudes in their shades 💗😎

Blessings, Sandy

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