Friday, March 17, 2017

I800a Approval

(Our i800a approval arrived yesteday at 4pm and by 5pm I had it notarized!)

Today I arrived at the SOS office at 8:30am and was 4th in line. 

When the office opened at 9am I was seen almost immediately.

I set my PRECIOUS document on the desk.....and then the CrAzY woman TOOK MY STAPLE OUT!!!!


I didn't know whether to SCREAM or CRY!!

So I said "You are not supposed to do that"....she said that she HAD to take it out so her sticker would lay flat....UM - NO - NEVER HAD ANYONE DO THAT BEFORE!!!

LOOK! She practically RIPPED the staple out!!!

Thankfully she put her new staple and shiny gold sticker on top of that MESS!

and when our agency opened an hour later they said as long as the SOS took the staple out it was fine.

It is now heading to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago....getting closer to DTC!

Blessings, Sandy

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