Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I have been checking our mail box for a week expecting our i800a approval ANYDAY!

Today our agency called the USICS to check why we hadn't received it yet - as our received day was January 17.

Andrea was informed we have an 

RFE coming!

Let's just say I had a good cry after receiving this news 😢

Apparently there is some specific Hague wording MISSING from our home study....

hallo - our home study was ONLY an update of a home study we have used TWICE!!
(what - did the social worker delete some of the wording?!!!)

hallo - didn't the home study agency director take a WEEK to review it?!!!

hallo - didn't our placing agency also REVIEW it?!!!

What in the WORLD?!
so we wait for the RFE to arrive and then we PRAY the sloooooow home study agency will update the wording ASAP!!

In the mean time I will be under my covers eating chocolate and  😢

blessings, Sandy

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