Monday, May 22, 2017

7:15pm update

Darren got to the PCTU at 3:15pm. By 4:30pm I was almost crawling out of my skin! I was so worried about him. Darren had been bleeding so they left him intubated. Thankfully when we got to see him at 4:35pm he was resting peacefully. He is in an individual room in the ICU. There isn't a bathroom, but I will have a recliner to sleep in and he has a tv to watch.

At 7pm Darren woke up and started to cry. He tried to grab his tube and shook his head to let us know that he wanted to be extubated. They turned down the vent and some of his sedation. The plan is to extubate at 8pm after shirt change. We turned the Cars movie on and gave him teddy bear to hold. So far he seems pretty comfortable. Only 45 more minutes to go. It was so heart breaking to see him cry 😢

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the updates. We've been praying all day, especially Andrew (who was in class with Darren at HSC).We'll continue to pray for a smooth recovery and a restful, peaceful night for you all!