Thursday, May 18, 2017

Count Down

Darren's pre-op appointment was so early - May 9!
It had to be since Madeline graduated on Tuesday May 16 and that was the only other pre-op date choice we were given. 

Darren has spent a lot of time since that visit processing his upcoming surgery:
"Will they have to cut my chest open again?"
"Will you stay with me mama?"
"Can't we just do the surgery today?"
"Can we skip the surgery?"
"When will I get to eat?"
"Will everyone come visit me?"

Each morning I am greeted with the count down: 
"Today it is 4 days until my surgery"

We have worked hard to keep the kids healthy so Darren won't have to have his surgery rescheduled. We want him to recover asap so we can enjoy the summer - and head to the lake! Today Cierrah came down sick - I almost died! We have tried to keep Darren away from her and she has worn a mask whenever possible.

Darren and his side kick brothers ❤

Blessings, Sandy

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