Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Early Morning Update

24 hours ago we were driving to the hospital....and now look at Darren! 

It was a bit of a long night...

Darren was hungry and thirsty all night but every time he had a few sips of water (or tried oral tylenol once) he threw up. Just before throwing up he would get hot - thus the cloth he still finds comfort from on his head. 

He eventually was given some anti-nausea med and at last count has kept down 7 small sips of water. He is REALLY hoping to eat that applesauce we packed soon!

There was also a tricky dance with Darren's pain. He cried the most pitiful cry at a few different times complaining of chest pain. Oh it just broke my heart :(

When they would up the morphine he would get too sleepy and his blood pressure would drop. He couldn't keep oral medication down. They did give him extra fluids which did seem to help the blood pressure a bit but not the pain...and then at once point new pain meds were ordered and it took ONE AND A HALF HOURS to arrive!! WHAT?!

Darren was also awake quite a bit - but of course he had slept most of the day...I slept two maybe three hours - but who is counting?!

Darren would like the O2 out of his nose, but every time it is removed his O2 levels dip so back on it goes. 

We did see a bit of our curious Darren - and in the quietest little whisper he would ask about what the nurse was doing - or what this tube is for - it does this mama's heart good to see her curious boy coming back ❤

Daddy should be arriving soon to visit before he heads to work. Mommy will get a shower (down the hall in a Ronald McDonald room).

I will update after rounds - there already has been talk of moving to the regular cardiac peds level today - although I think that requires doing some of his pain meds by mouth.

Sorry for the rambling - apparently this is what you get when I have only a little sleep.


We are SOOOOOOO THANKFUL to GOD for a successful surgery!!!! ❤

and for a relatively easy recovery so far (not exactly sure if Darren would call it easy - but all in all it really has been). 

Blessings, Sandy

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