Monday, May 22, 2017

Evening Update

They brought the scary box in the room....

and pulled his ventilator tube - YAY!!

Darren did so well and he was so BRAVE as he waited to finish his breathing sprint to prove he was READY to breath on his own!!

Jamma and Gramps stopped by to visit during this exciting time.

Darren was still VERY sleepy, but was able to whisper that he was thirsty....except he can't have anything to drink yet. The nurse used a wet sponge in his mouth but it didn't make him happy. 

Then his chest started to hurt....ohh - the sweet boy cried such a pitiful cry - just broke this mama's heart. Thankfully they gave him morphine....but that made him too sleepy and his blood pressure started going too low - oh what a dance the ICU can be!

Darren would really like to drink - so we have now done 4 or 5 sponges filled with water. He has also been complaining about chest pain.

Please pray that we get some sleep tonight and even more importantly that his pain can be managed.

Blessings, Sandy

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