Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Evening Update

We were finally transferred at 4:40pm. 

After having 5 different nurses in the PTCU today I was ready for a change and a little continuity of care!

The biggest change is that we have a bathroom in our room - YAY!

and of course we are one step closer to home ❤

Darren was fully weaned off his IV morphine today.

I almost sent out a few texts requesting prayer for pee....but with a little added lasix and extra IV fluids Darren got the job done.

Tomorrow the goal is walking and maybe even a trip to the playroom.

Madeline, Alex, Rhiana, Cierrah, Jason, Bryan, and Sam came for a short visit today. They are all planning on coming back tomorrow and hopefully this time we won't have a medical emergency.

I only got a 15 minute nap today before the beeping started by a medication that was finished being pumped into Darren's IV.

I am exhausted and praying that we both get a better night of sleep!


I can't believe we are only on day one after surgery! Darren is looking GREAT!

Blessings, Sandy

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