Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Evening Update

The cardiologist mentioned today that once the chest tubes are draining only a small amount then they will be removed. The next day a chest x-ray will be done and if no more has built up then we will be discharged. 

WOW - so fast!!!

A few minutes ago the nurse practitioner came in saying that the middle (and more painful) chest tube has only drained a little today and will most likely be ready to come out tomorrow. The other chest tube has drained more and most likely will need to be left in for another day.

The plan is to remove the middle chest tube, the IJ in his neck, and his pacer leads tomorrow morning. Apparently he will feel MUCH better after these are gone.

That will leave an IV in his hand and one chest tube on his left side.

Madeline, Rhiana, and Sam stopped by for a visit. 

All the kids except Trevin spent time with us today  ❤

 Darren loved playing video games with Alex!

 We got our name sign today!

Darren has started eating a little. 

THANK YOU for continuing to PRAY for our boy!

He is sad that he still has pain when he moves - but apparently when the chest tubes start coming out that will help a lot!

Blessings, Sandy

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