Thursday, May 25, 2017

Evening Update

Yesterday afternoon Child Life came by with virtual video games. Darren had a lot of fun playing them...until the last few minutes...then he wasn't feeling so good. What a cool toy!

Yesterday Dr. Bove stopped by to see Darren. He is an AMAZING man! We are so grateful to all he has done for Darren!!!

 Big brother Trevin joined the other siblings when they came to visit Darren today. He was THRILLED especially when Trevin played video games with him. (Note the REAL clothes Darren is wearing. We are over the hospital gown!)

And as if the day couldn't get any better...Darren's friend Xy came to visit!! The boys were so happy to play videos games together and they brought us wonderful Panera for dinner ❤

There is a small chance Darren's gets his remaining chest tube out tomorrow. It all depends on the volume it is draining. If that is the case and his discharge echo and chest xray look good then Darren could head home Saturday!!! Crazy huh?!! If not then probably Sunday. Of course things change fast so we continue to trust in Gods timing.

Tonight Darren's last IV failed. I am praying we don't have the need to play another one.

Darren hasn't used his O2 cannula since before his chest tube removal this morning...YAY!!

blessings, Sandy

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