Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Evening

Darren spent the first 3/4 of the day kind of tired. He complained his tummy was hurting and also his chest was aching. He did a little walking, but mostly wanted to ride in his wheelchair.

Darren's early morning chest x-ray looked good. He does have some fluid in his lungs, but that is to be expected so they upped his lasix. Darren had too much drainage from his 2nd chest tube yesterday to have it removed today. 

This was the first smile we saw this week - Darren loved the magician!
(Photo taken on whatever day that was that the magician came. All the days are kind of melding together) 

ALL the kids came to visit Darren today! He was SUPER happy - especially to see big brother Trevin, He even convinced Trevin to sit with him in his hospital bed while they played video games! 

Later in the day Darren got more active and decided to look out the window of his room.

He had thought about looking out it yesterday, but got too tired and just laid on the couch. 

ONLY one chest tube left!!! 

Darren was VERY excited about heading off our floor today. We went to the gift shop so our BRAVE HEART WARRIOR could pick out a toy.

The drainage last night and today has been minimal. If it continues through the night I think they will remove Darren's chest tube tomorrow.

Blessings, Sandy

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