Wednesday, May 17, 2017

His Name!

Henry Mingyu

A little background on his name:

We have naming "rules" (we didn't start with them, a pattern just developed):
1. Everyone needs their own first initial
2. Erik says no more names ending in an "N" sound
3. Sandy doesn't like names that are easy to nickname

Each child has been HARDER and HARDER to name...

the struggle is REAL!

In the end we decided to choose a family name:
1. Sandy's maternal grandfather is Henry
2. Erik's father's middle name is Henry

and it just seemed to fit him 💗

His new middle name is a combo of his Chinese first name (Ming) and Chinese middle name (Yu). He is currently called "Ming Yu" at his foster group home.

(We hope you love his new name as much as we do - and if not - keep it to yourself - we CAN'T take the pressure of coming up with a different name!)

Blessings, Sandy

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