Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Morning Rounds

6:30am Darren was given tylenol and oxy by mouth and threw up before we had a full dose of either in him. 

The doctors rounded at 7:30am
They are pleased with how Darren is doing.
Darren's one request was to eat some applesauce and they gave the okay - crossing my fingers he doesn't throw it up.
The doctors think he is doing well enough that he will be heading up to the regular pediatric cardiology floor later today!
The plan is to remove his catheter and arterial line today and get him on oral medication.

Darren is in good spirits and isn't reporting any pain. He is pretty stoic and just resting in bed watching hospital movies. So far he has watched Cars, Inside Out, Minions, and right now Despicable Me.

Darren just reported pain - they may try oral meds again - praying they stay down!

THANK YOU for all your prayers!!!!

Blessings, Sandy

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