Monday, May 22, 2017

3:40pm Update

We have been anxiously waiting to see Darren. The 1-2 hours has turned into 3 hours. We have now been told we will get to see him in 20 minutes.

We bumped into one of the surgeons in the hallway. He shared that Darren had some trouble with bleeding so he is still intubated. They are hoping to extubate him later today.

So ready to see our boy ❤

Praying he is resting comfortably....this mama is trying not to be worried.


Thankful for our village!!!

ALL of your prayers and messages of love and support have been a balm to our worried and anxious hearts today.

I can't THANK YOU all enough for lifting us up in prayer!!

and for my mama who is spending the day with the rest of our kids at home

and for my mother n law who met us here at the hospital this morning

and for my dad who came to the hospital to pray for us.

Blessings, Sandy

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