Sunday, June 11, 2017

Henry's "brother"

Early in the process of adopting Henry Mingyu we realized that most of his pictures included another little boy. We wondered who the other little boy was and if he was being adopted too.

Thankfully he does have a family!

And the other family was much smarter than me - asking our mutual adoption agency to pass along their email address to us (since privacy policies prevented the agency from just sharing our information). 

We are excited to keep these "orphanage brothers" in touch!!

What a WONDERFUL GIFT God has given our families - we have been able to support each other during the stress-filled adoption process. Someone to celebrate our ups and downs - someone who "gets it"!! 💗

Stephen's mom made this AWESOME picture showing our steps to Henry Mingyu 

We are on step 9 right now!

Hoping to move onto step 10 this week!!

grateful, Sandy

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