Monday, June 19, 2017

More Update Questions/Answers

More of our Henry Mingyu update!

It is so fun to learn about our new son. 

There was another paragraph in the update that didn't exactly match the rest. It started out "He is extroverted and intelligent". Well - THIS paragraph mentions being "introverted".  Hmmm - sometimes it can be a translation thing....but then our Henry's orphanage buddy got his update too and it had THE EXACT SAME PARAGRAPH. So well - I am not even bothering to share that one :)

We do take the updates with a "grain of salt" - but either way - the pictures and video are just adorable!! 

1. What makes him upset? What is the best way to comfort him?

2. What is this most challenging behavior? How is it normally dealt with?

3. How does his medical need influence his daily life?

Ming Yu has been healthy recently. He does not currently take any medication. He grows up at Heng Ai Home (the Home of Constant Love) since May 11, 2015. His developments are pretty good. Just like other same age children. We feel like he is smarter than same age children. He is introverted but he is a slow-type person. But he knows everything. He would be attached to you if you treat him well. He is a little timid with strangers. But he would be your friend if you like him. He would like to say hello to others if you encourage him to. He is very smart and sensible. There is nothing particular that you need to prepare for him. 

We went to Target today and got Henry Mingyu a backpack!

I am looking forward to filling it with little treats to give him when we meet him 💗

Blessings, Sandy

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