Sunday, June 18, 2017

Update Questions

We got to ask 5 questions when our agency requested our final update.

I asked friends and other adoptive moms for their question suggestions. Our agency also gave us a list of commonly asked questions.

Orphanages are not required to give updates - but we were crossing our fingers that one would come.

1. What makes him upset? What is the best way to comfort him?

2. What is this most challenging behavior? How is it normally dealt with?

3. How does his medical need influence his daily life?

4. What does he understand about adoption? Does he know he is being adopted?

5. What is a special memory or story of Ming Yu that you can share? (We would love to remind him of his time in your care)

Here are the answers to questions #4 and #5:

       His understanding is that the parents are busy right now, and they will come and pick him up whenever they are available. Sometimes he would chat with the nannies, and he would tell them that the parents are coming to taking him home with pride and happiness. He is looking forward to it.

There are a lot of special stories. He is very obedient and thoughtful. He also helps the nanny to take care of the younger sisters and brothers. He has strong sense of justice. He wants to protect every one of them. He is a loving and smart little child. He likes to lean on you and talk to you too. He enjoys this kind of feeling. He is a very active, smart, and playful kid. We all like him very much!
Reading about Henry Mingyu, watching his video, seeing his sweet face in pictures makes me more anxious than ever to travel to China and meet our boy 💗

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