Saturday, July 29, 2017

2 Questions

1. Do you have Henry Mingyu yet?

I have been Wechat video calling the kids twice a day. In my morning (which is their evening) and again in my evening (which is their morning). Every time we talk this is their first question.

We meet Henry Mingyu on Monday morning at 9:30am (so Sunday 9:30pm EST).

We think Henry Mingyu went back to his orphanage on Friday. Please pray for his heart. That he isn't scared being in an unfamiliar place. That his heart is ready for a family. That he accepts love and comfort from his new mama.

2. Why did you travel to China so early?

Two reasons.... We can't be late for gotcha day. And jetlag!

A delayed plane, mechanical problems with a plane, missing your train....these don't work. You After 9 months of paperwork (blood, sweat, and tears) no one wants to see if the orphanage and officials will give you a second chance.

We left Wednesday, arrived Thursday (14 hour flight and 12 hour time difference), had Friday (our buffer day that allowed for problems with flights etc) and Saturday (our one extra day. We went back and forth whether we should take that day. The cost was minimal. We used hotel points. I haven't been to BJ or seen all the amazing sights and due to China's rule changes this will likely be our last China trip for many many years.) to adjust and Sunday we are traveling to Henry Mingyu's province and we meet him on Monday.

Have you met jetlag? It is a beast! China is 12 hours ahead. It is hard to get your body to adjust. By traveling early I gave us 2 days (Friday and Saturday) to adjust. It is 2am in China right now. I just slept 9pm until now. Worries about Henry Mingyu and jetlag have me awake. I need to be on my "A game" on Monday/gotcha day. These 2 days give me a fighting chance. I have done all the "what to do to get over jet lag".... but in the end for me it takes time. (And having mama worries doesn't help either).

Thank you for your love and prayers for our family!

31 1/2 hours until we meet Henry Mingyu!

4 1/2 hours until our bus picks us up and brings us to the bullet train!

Back to sleep....Sandy

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