Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Visit?

I was excited to learn that this trip to China I will be traveling through Beijing.

It is a "port city" - so one of the ways to enter China.

Henry Mingyu is currently living in Beijing in a foster group home.

I was hopeful that I might get a chance to meet the nannies that have been loving and caring for our Henry. I wanted to take pictures of the home, the bed where he slept, the room where he played etc.

I was also excited that on my THIRD trip to China I would get a chance to see the Great Wall of China.

I asked an independent guide to contact the foster group home for me.
She was able to make contact yesterday and asked if I would be able to visit while in Beijing.
The home said that Henry Mingyu's orphanage does not allow visits to their home.
They have to follow the rules set by the orphanage and the orphanage says no.
I am bummed - BUT I do LOVE that they are rule followers.
I am a rule follower.

I am hopeful that after we get back home I will be able to contact the foster group home again. 
I would love to see if they have any pictures of Henry to share with me.
I would also love to be able to share pictures of Henry as he grows up with the home.

I have had contact with Darren and Bryan's orphanage and nannies since we have returned home. 
They seem to love to see current pictures of the boys.
It makes me happy to have some contact with the boys past.
I LONG to tell their birth families how much they are LOVED 
how much they are CHERISHED
how HEALTHY they are now with medical treatment...
Sharing that with the orphanage and nannies is the best I can do.

Longing to meet Henry Mingyu,

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