Monday, July 31, 2017

Gotcha Day Details

 As part of the China adoption process you bring gifts to the officials at your appointments. On Gotcha Day we needed 2 gifts in red bags and 2 gifts in red envelopes. I also packed a backpack of toys and snacks for Henry Mingyu.

We knew Henry Mingyu could walk (we had been given 2 videos as evidence) but we weren't sure how far so bought a cute Chinese stroller just in case. (Good thing because it is needed. He walks with a little limp, his shoe on his small foot is 2x too big so it makes him trip, and he is not used to walking far distances).

 The hotel had a crib set up in our room when we checked in. I didn't expect Henry Mingyu would be using it, but figured it would make it good side rail. (It does)

 Our new hotel has even more breakfast choices....Alex was a very happy boy! 🍩

 It even has a donut tree!!! I think my dreams have come true!

After a few last minute instructions our travel group was on the bus and headed to receive our children ❤ (One couple was becoming first time parents! Our group has become close and includes some amazing families! We were all so thrilled to witness their special day)

This is in front of the adoption building. I can't remember exactly what it says -something about families and love ❤

We arrived! I can't describe the overwhelming feeling it is to be walking towards and then into a building knowing that you will be meeting your child within minutes.

Knowing that soon you will be meeting the child God has picked for your family ❤ Knowing that this is your last China gotcha day since now "the rules" have changed ❤ Knowing how hard this will be for your child ❤ Hoping and praying and trusting that you are the mama Henry Mingyu needs you to be ❤

 When we walked into the room the first time parents saw their child. We all gathered around to watch them become parents. I turned around and noticed Henry Mingyu playing by the play structure. I fumbled in his back pack for a toy car to use as a peace offering. His nanny told him I had arrived. He smiled, giggled and ran away.

 Henry Mingyu crawled under the play structure. He wasn't crying but you could tell he was scared. I sat beside the structure and we played peek a boo. If I waited too long to peek he would look for me ❤ I drove a few of the cars I had brought under the structure. We played cars and he started slowly moving out.❤ I also offered him a lolly pop. He never took it but had fun when I would pretend to lick it or he would pretend to lick it. ❤

 Henry Mingyu is definitely silly and his sweet sense of humor started showing. His laugh and smile just light up his face and the room ❤

 It was time for the adoption paperwork picture. I wondered if he would have to be pulled kicking and screaming out from his safe spot, but our guide was able to encourage him out. I was so thankful it wasn't a dramatic moment ❤

The official told me to put Henry Mingyu on my lap....why yes I would LOVE to!! I was holding OUR SON❤❤❤

After the picture he was ready to play.

Oh that smile ❤

He is a big boy!! Henry Mingyu has thick arms and legs and is very solid! He reminds me of our Jason....I think Henry Mingyu can control his density too!

When we walked into the adoption offices our guide was told the rule had changed and all the paperwork needed to be completed before we left. Thankfully Alex was able to watch Henry Mingyu and he only tried to escape once.

I ended up signing my name in Erik's spot once and on my 2nd try (after redoing the whole paper) I missed a line and everything was off. The stress of the day came flooding in and tears couldn't be stopped. Thankfully 3rd times a charm and I got that darn paperwork done!

I had my first experience explaining to a child how God makes us all unique. Another child in our travel group asked about Henry Mingyu's hands. I think I did okay and next time have a few thoughts on what I might say differently. I knew the comments would come, but it caught me off guard coming so fast (as we were waiting for the bus to take us back to our hotel from gotcha day).

When we got back to our room we video chatted with our family that was still awake (I might have woken up Baba).

Henry Mingyu loves to play, is full of energy, is silly, loves to laugh, is amazingly capable (uses his mouth to often help him), and is OUR SON ❤ Henry Mingyu and I spent the afternoon playing and getting to know each other ❤

According to his update Henry Mingyu naps, but we weren't going to push it. When he fell asleep at 6:30pm in the stroller and stayed asleep when I picked him up I was a bit worried.

But I figured some things are worth it ❤❤

Turns out he slept through the night! He is a bed hog. I didn't dare move Henry Mingyu figuring that would cause him to wake up so I slept on about 20% of the bed. I was still in my clothes and he never got his night time pull up but....


Grateful to God for his AMAZING gifts ❤❤

Grateful, Sandy

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  1. Him and Will are going to get along aw very well, I can't wait to get them together to play!