Saturday, July 29, 2017


We met our guide and travel group (3 others families right now) at 7am. Our guide said if we can beat the traffic it will take 1 1/2 hours to get to the Great Wall. Well....3 hours later we arrived (we didn't beat the traffic).

 If I had a bucket list climbing The Great Wall would have been on it!

Parts of the wall are amazingly steep! This was the Juyong Pass section.

 Look how high this step is!

The step heights vary...some only one stone high.

 This was a photo taken on the way down!

The wall is 5000 miles long and so super cool to see in person!

Alex and I climbed up to the red building. Turns out it is now a gift shop.

Alex was a bit of a celebrity with his blond hair!

We also visited the Jade Factory.

We had lunch with our travel group. The food is always served on a lazy susan and shared as a group.

And we also saw a Chinese acrobatics show!

 It was neat to watch

 I wished all my babies were there to see too!

 The strength of the performers was amazing to see!

It was a fun day but by the end our jet lag was making it hard to keep our eyes open.

Tomorrow we take the bullet train to Zhengzhou! 37 hours until we meet Henry Mingyu!!

Blessings, Sandy

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