Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Kids

Leaving my babies is soooo hard!

Almost all of my worries, sad thoughts, and sleepless nights come back to leaving my sweet children behind. 😢

I will be gone SIXTEEN DAYS!

My parents will help during the day while Erik works. The older kids help when they are around.

I will be gone SIXTEEN DAYS!

When the kids ask "mommy why do you have to go?" I remind them how I traveled around the country or the world for them. But I do understand....mommy's are supposed to stay home. I agree!

 I made a paper chain for the kids to count down the days until mommy, Alex, and Henry Mingyu comes home 💙 Each link has the date and what city we will be in that day.

A treat bag for each kid (with each treat labeled....didn't want to cause my mom a sorting nightmare later!). I hope the kids are given these treats about half way through our trip.

At Madeline's graduation I asked my mom to take a picture of Erik and I will each child. I got fancy and bought dollar store frames! This is the gift they will get the day I leave.

We got a kindle on amazon prime day for $30. I am not bringing a lap top this trip and blogging on my phone is impossible! I am testing out the kindle blogging with this post and it seems to be working (besides not being able to center the text...oh well!)

grateful, Sandy

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