Monday, August 7, 2017


 The view from our new hotel room. Maybe not picturesque but neat to watch. So much growth and change in China.

Last evening our guide Helen from my 2014 trip to get Bryan took us out to dinner. She was a wonderful guide and we have kept in touch. We got to meet her husband and son and had a lovely time at a nearby restaurant. ❤ My heart felt very full ❤

 Early morning sleeping baby boy ❤

Notice his hand on mama ❤

Henry Mingyu is a good sleeper. We fall asleep around 9pm and he wakes around 7am. He stirs occasionally at night, but just snuggles next to mama and is back asleep ❤ He usually takes a cat nap at some point during the day.

 Alex says he is learning to use chip sticks πŸ˜ƒ

I have had a few people ask how Alex is doing. He reports "good...eating lots of bread and bread related products".

He has been a really good travel companion ❤ He is helpful and old enough that he can run back to the room by himself. He has a good attitude and has rolled with all the heat and stress. Spending so much time with one child is I am savoring this time ❤ Everyone in our travel group has been very impressed with Alex!

 Back on the bus for Henry Mingyu's medical appointment.

 He does well with most of the traveling

 All the children need a medical exam as part of their visa and citizenship to the USA application.

Silly boy ❤

 Thankfully we don't have to wait in the long line for the general public, but get our own special area.

 Henry Mingyu was not a fan of being weighed or measured.

They also have an ENT exam, a general exam (the doctor noticed a scar that I had not noticed and wasn't listed in his file. It appears he had hernia surgery!), and a TB blood draw.

They take the kids in the blood draw room by themselves. Henry Mingyu was not happy! He came out crying and very sad. He took comfort from his new mama and fell asleep in my arms on the way back to the hotel. ❤

So thankful for our new son ❤

So thankful I can be his mama and comfort him ❤

We ventured to the pool today! First we peeked at it and Henry Mingyu was VERY excited! He was chattering away and running down the hall with excitement!  He reluctantly got his swim shirt on. He refused to put his swim shorts on, but I figure he isn't wearing underwear (Chinese kids don't and he refuses to wear his tighty whiteys!) so his gym shorts were fine. We got to the pool...and his wouldn't take his SHOES off!!! He sat and watched Alex and I swim for an hour!! It was 99 degrees and sunny (he did sit in the shade). No amount of talking would change his mind πŸ˜ͺ

 I am glad to know he isn't a push over!

Some kids find their shoes give them security. Darren didn't take his shoes off until our plane was descending into Detroit. Henry Mingyu takes his shoes off the minute we get back in the room. He doesn't seem to use his shoes for security and comfort.

Doesn't it look fun? Me...playing with a giraffe noodle?! Apparently not! (The pool was actually almost too warm....I know....crazy?!).

I think Henry Mingyu doesn't realize how much his mama doesn't like swimsuits and cold water. He needs to be taking much more advantage of these opportunities! 😜

When we got back to the room Henry Mingyu took his shoes right off and was happy, laughing, and playing around. Maybe he will swim tomorrow? He liked it so much the one day we managed to swim!

 Tonight we rode on the Pearl River Cruise.

 I haven't ever gone along on this tour but decided I better since this is my last opportunity.

It was beautiful and the boys both enjoyed the cruise too!! Our guides shared that 95% of people in GZ have been on the cruise. When they have our of town guests this is where they take them.

There was a juggler who performed. At the end of her act she did basketball tricks. Then she walked around and spun the ball on all the kids' fingers. I was dreading having her come by us....and she did. She looked at Henry Mingyu's hands and just kept walking. I felt so sad that Henry Mingyu couldn't participate. I know he felt bad....but he tried to cover it up 😒

As a mama I wish I could make it all better. mama's kisses fix things right?


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