Saturday, August 12, 2017


             There is no place like home ❤

Henry Mingyu has LOVED being home ❤

He has been playing with Jason, Darren, and Bryan almost non-stop! ❤

He has been very comfortable with Erik since Baba held him up away from the scary dogs. ❤

 It only took a short time for Henry Mingyu to get used to the dogs. Now we have to teach him "gentle". 😮

Alex was so tired he was dizzy so he laid down for a nap. I just took a 20 minute power nap and am trying really hard not to lay down again. So.tired. Jet lag is a beast!

Thank you for all of your prayers ❤

Erik has the week off of work so we will cocoon as we teach Henry Mingyu what a family is ❤

Grateful, Sandy

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  1. Welcome home Henry Mingyu! We have so enjoyed following your journey on the blog. May God bless your family this week! (And I hope you get some good sleep :-))